Gastronomy Experience

Santorini boasts supreme local produce, due to the singular soil and the distinctive weather conditions on the island. Explore its gastronomic treasures at high-end restaurants, providing excellent quality. Visiting the local wineries and tasting the uniquely tasteful varieties of wine, as well as discovering the hidden gems where top local products are sold can offer you superb experiences. Choose among custom menus and take up cooking lessons for mastering the art of Mediterranean cuisine with a Theran twist. Visit romantic hotels and enjoy private, candlelight dinners with breathtaking views to the infinite Aegean blue!

Cooking Classes

The island of Santorini has a history of thousands of years to be proud of and its cuisine is equally impressive! If you want to introduce yourself to the magic of Theran cuisine and learn the culinary secrets that make the most sumptuous dishes, you are welcome to do so with us. Become familiar with the unique local products of Santorini and add them to the most surprisingly delicious combinations, with the guidance of our experienced chef. Cook in an inspiring atmosphere, learning tips that you can implement in your own kitchen. Afterwards, taste what you have cooked in a wonderful setting with the company of local wines.

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Wine & Gastronomy Tour

Take a magnificent walk, explore villages with centuries of history, taste the flavors of the Greek Cuisine, and let your senses guide you. Join us for a journey through the Venetian past of Santorini, exploring Pyrgos village and its historic castle. Follow the path to the beautiful abandoned village of Mesa Gonia, where time stands still. Visit a family owned winery to taste amazing volcanic winesand walk through an amazing art space. Last but not least we will take you to a local restaurant where you will take cooking lessons from our Chef on authentic Greek recipes,you will cook your own meal using the finest local ingredients and in turn sit to enjoy a full 6-course menu overlooking the Aegean Sea.

This tour is designed to offer you a chance to experience Santorini, away from the hustle and bustle. Join us to a journey designed to reveal the majestic aura of Santorini, and live it like a local!

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Candlelight Dinner

Live the ultimate gastronomic experience in the privacy and comfort of your villa! Enjoy a sumptuous candlelight dinner on the terrace with astonishing views to the Theran sunset and the imposing caldera. Choose the menu that meets your own personalized needs and tastes among a plethora of options or create a menu from scratch, according to your very own preferences. Enjoy a 5-course menu based on the Mediterranean with additions of the local cuisine that will satisfy even the most sophisticated palate, accompanied by delectable wines produced in Santorini. You select the day and the time, allowing us to organize all the rest!

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Food and Wine Pairing

Enjoy the ultimate dining experience in Santorini. With the perfect matching of delectable dishes and wonderfully rich flavoured wines, you will get a taste of the Mediterranean in every single bite. Tradition meets modernity in our intriguing menu and each local delicacy is cooked to perfection, with a modern twist and a breath of fresh air. Premium quality standards of service complete this unique experience, awakening your senses and surprising your palate with an effervescent 5 course menu. Watch the candles flickering, the moon mirroring on the deep blue sea and fall in love again on the enchanting island of Santorini!

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